The Epicurean
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2011-07-09 22:36:36 UTC
I'm in a quandary.

Amazon has part one of this book (paperback) really cheap right now.
But Part 2 is 6 times the price of Part 1. I figured I'd get Part 1
for now and pay double the price in shipping. But I need to know
what's in it.

Do I ask here what is contained in Part 1 and risk that readers(*) of
this post don't grab the 6 remaining copies, after which the price
goes back up to normal? Or do I assume the bulk of the book is in
Part II and contains most of the recipes - which is why the price is
higher as it would be more desirable.

I'm really not interested in table service, wine service, index for
marketing, and "ambigus" (whatever THAT is ;-). Which I would assume
prefaces the recipes as Part One. And would even the recipes
themselves be an exercise in frustration similar to reading the
original Gastronomique?

So what do I do? Do I buy the book sight unseen and pay double the
shipping charge, or do I ask here what's in Part one and why it's so

Decisions, decisions :-)

(*) I was going to say "Amazon Cookbook Junkies", but then some of
you might buy it just out of spite :-)

2011-07-11 04:37:56 UTC
Post by Sqwertz
I'm in a quandary.
Problem solved. I just saw that the book is online.